Suhr Classic Antique GuitarThe Suhr Classic S Antique was created in the spirit of the original Fender Stratocaster, and developed to satisfy the needs of guitarists who wanted an instrument that preserves classic tone and design, while improving on the limitations of vintage instruments. The Stratocaster has long been a staple for many guitarists of practically all genres. The new Suhr Classic Antique propels this design to new heights by blending the best of the old and new schools, in a design that will make you re-think what is possible.

BUILD QUALITY - Every Classic Antique is built with impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail to ensure that every neck pocket is tight, every fret is perfectly dressed, and each instrument plays its best before leaving our facility.

NITRO-CELLULOSE FINISH - The antiqued Nitro-cellulose lacquer finish allows the Alder body to resonate freely and feel like it has been well worn in for years.

UNRIVALED PLAYABILITY - The Even C medium neck profile, medium nickel frets, and 9-12" compound fingerboard radius improve upon the playability of vintage instruments, resulting in a neck that is equally comfortable for chording and soloing.

  • In stock now!
    Suhr Classic S Antique Guitar, Vintage Yellow, Maple
    Suhr Classic S Antique Guitar, Vintage Yellow, Maple
    Suhr Classic S Antique Guitar, Vintage Yellow, Maple
    $ 3,199.00
  • In stock now!
    Suhr Classic S Antique Guitar, Vintage Yellow, Rosewood
    Suhr Classic S Antique Guitar, Vintage Yellow, Rosewood
    Suhr Classic S Antique Guitar, Vintage Yellow, Rosewood
    $ 3,199.00
  • Suhr Classic S Antique Guitar, Vintage Yellow, Maple
    Suhr Classic S Antique Guitar, Vintage Yellow, Maple
    Suhr Classic S Antique Guitar, Vintage Yellow, Maple
    $ 3,199.00

The Suhr Classic Antique guitars now come standard with Suhr's innovative SSCII (Silent Single-Coil) hum cancelling system, a vintage tinted nitrocellulose neck with stainless steel frets.

Guitarists love the vintage look and feel, but it's hard to get that without sacrificing playability and tone. No anymore!  The Suhr Classic Antique is designed to preserve the spirit of a vintage instrument while performing like a Suhr guitar should. Top notch craftsmanship and superior attention to detail ensure that every neck pocket is tight, every fret is perfectly dressed, and that every instrument is ready for peak performance before leaving the Suhr facility.

Each Suhr Classic Antique comes with a nitro-cellulose lacquer finish.  Suhr's proprietary antiquing process makes each Classic Antique feel as though it's been gigged and well loved for many years.

About the Classic Antique Guitars

NECK - Each Classic Antique is equipped with our Even C Medium neck profile. Rolled edges and a 9-12” compound fingerboard radius offers a substantial, yet comfortable shape.

NECK FINISH - The Quarter sawn Maple neck is tinted, then finished in nitrocellulose lacquer. This provides the traditional feel of a vintage instrument as well as moisture protection.

FRETS - Every Classic Antique includes medium stainless steel frets, which offer silky smooth bending and long-lasting playability. Utilizing the PLEK process on each instrument guarantees the best possible string action, ensures optimized playability and eliminates intonation problems.

ELECTRONICS - The Classic Antique is available in both S-S-S and H-S-S pickup configurations.

SSCII (SILENT SINGLE-COIL) - Our proprietary passive 60-cycle hum reduction system has no impact on tone, there are no batteries to change - just transparent noise reduction.

ML STANDARD - The ML (Mike Landau) Standard single-coil pickup is overwound for ​more output and sustain. The ML Standard features our proprietary modified staggered pole piece design to provide an even magnetic field needed to accommodate instruments with flatter neck radius and today’s string gauges.

SSV (OPTIONAL) - The SSV is a versatile pickup that combines the warmth of a vintage humbucker with increased clarity and definition. It is wound hotter for more output, increased sustain, and a sweet midrange response.

BODY FINISH - The Classic Antique features a nitrocellulose lacquer finish. Our finishing process provides an unparalleled combination of protection, beauty, and tone. Great care is taken to ensure that the thinnest possible layers of finish are applied. This allows the wood to resonate freely while still providing ample protection. Our state of the art equipment, experienced staff, and uncompromising quality control ensures that no instrument leaves our facility until it meets our demanding standards.

TUNERS - The Classic Antique is equipped with staggered locking tuners, which provide improved tuning stability and eliminate the need for a traditional string tree.

BRIDGE - The Gotoh 510 tremolo bridge features dual steel knife-edge pivot points to provide greater functionality and years of trouble free performance. The 510’s steel tremolo block is designed to allow the strings to contact the saddle without touching the block as it passes through, which increases sustain and tuning stability.



Body Wood: 2-Piece Alder
Finish: Antiqued Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Neck Wood: Quartersawn Maple
Fingerboard: Maple or Indian Rosewood
Shape: Even C Medium
Finish: Antiqued Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Scale Length: 25.5"
Fingerboard Radius: Compound 9"-12"
Number of Frets: 22
Frets: Medium Stainless Steel
Nut: Tusq
Nut Width: 1.650"
Inlays: Dot
Bridge Pickup: ML Standard or SSV(optional)
Middle Pickup: ML Standard
Neck Pickup: ML Standard
SSCII (Silent Single-Coil) Noise Canceling System
Controls: 5-Way, Volume, Tone, Tone
Bridge: Gotoh 510, 2 Post, Bent Saddle
Tuning Machines: Suhr Locking
Pickguard: 3-Ply Parchment
Control Knobs and Switch Tip: Parchment   
Colors: 3 Tone Burst, Black, Fiesta Red, Olympic White, Sonic Blue, Surf Green

About the Tone Woods Used in the Classic Antique

ALDER - One of the most popular guitar body woods of the 1960's, is grown all over the world. Alder is medium to light in weight with soft tight pores. It has a light tan color and sometimes exhibits large swirling grain patterns and rings. Alder is favored by blues and rock players for its strong, clear, full-bodied sound, with beefy mids and excellent lows. Alder is used extensively for guitar bodies because of its light weight and its full sound.

MAPLE - Sourced mostly from the Northern United States and Canada and is commonly used to make necks. Maple has a classic tone, strong in the midrange with a sweet spanky high end.

ROSEWOOD - Being one of the most popular fingerboard woods for guitars, Indian Rosewood is usually sourced from either India or Bangladesh. It has a thick grain pattern with colors ranging from brown-black, purple, to red-brown. Indian Rosewood is particularly favored by blues and rock players for it’s thick, sweet tone. It has an ideal balance of fat lows, warm mids and a sparkling high end presence.