Build Your Own Custom Suhr

Humbucker Music is the largest Suhr dealer in the world, and we have helped our customers with hundreds of Suhr Custom guitars of all models and colors.

Let us help you get your Suhr Custom ordered to your exact specs. With literally millions of possible combinations, the sky is the limit to what can be had.

To configure your Suhr Custom, please CLICK HERE

Note: Once you select all the options, please save the finalized build sheet to a PDF file (chose print, then save to PDF) or get a full screen capture and email it to We will get with Suhr concerning your selected specs and contact you quickly with a competitive price quote and rough ETA for your personalized Suhr Custom.

If you decide to order the guitar, we'll keep in touch with you along the way to let you know how the progress is coming along. We like to ensure everything is running along smoothly, and we know you feel the same way.