Swart Space Tone Stereo Head

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The Swart Space Tone Stereo Head is one of the most unique amps out there.

To sum it up, it's a stereo 5 watt amp design with ridiculously lush reverb on one channel, and his truly impeccable tremolo on the other. 

Now, before we go any further, I want to address my previous words, "ridiculously lush" and "truly impeccable".  You see this type of marketing hype everywhere, even on $29 Chinese built effects pedals.  When we say these words, we really mean it.  Please find a Swart amp somewhere (we prefer you come see us) and see for yourself. 

Anyway, the circuit is very similar to the STR-Tremolo, with the reverb being only on one channel, and the tremolo is only on the other.  This creates a greater separation to the ear.  Michael Swart decided to package this amp with a unique 2x12 cab the speaker baffle provides outward angles for the speakers (Mojo BV-30H's) to also increase stereo separation.  And according to Michael, the dual 5 watt amps running into two 12" speakers are as loud, if not louder, than the 18 Watt AST. The power section utilizes two single ended 6V6's, one for each channel.

So after getting to spend a little time with this amp, I have to say, we were amazed!  The stereo effect is quite prominent, and really enjoyable to play around with.  Be careful!  You may intend on jamming for a few minutes and find yourself still enthralled hours later.

For speakers, you have your choice between dual Mojo BV-30 speakers, or you can upgrade to dual Celestion Creambacks for an additional $100.  According to Michael Swart, the Creambacks give you just a bit more presence overall.

Here's a bit more info on the signal flow:

  • Input 1 splits audio between Input 1 and Input 2 *IF* nothing is plugged into Input 2.
  • Tremolo is implemented on amp 1 only.  For more effect you can turn up the depth and the volume of Amp1
  • Reverb gets it's signal from Preamp1 and returns the wet signal to Amp2