Swart Fuzzy Boost Pedal

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$ 199.00 

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The all new Swart Fuzzy Boost is a hand-wired, point-to-point pedal that takes you back to the classic era of fuzz! The Fuzzy Boost will give you anything from a slight boost to an all out fuzz and whatever you need in between, and with the pre and post volume control you can get those tones at any volume level!

FuzzyBoost Specs:

  • Pre Volume "IN" - The volume before it hits the fuzz circuit. This allows you to clean up or drive the circuit for a more intense fuzz.
  • Dirt - This acts as your gain or amount of fuzz.
  • Post Volume "OUT" - This acts as your over all volume for the pedal. You can take it from whisper quiet to ear destroying loud.
  • Hand picked Germanium Transistors