Swart AST Master MkII Head - 1x12 Cab Package - Dark Tweed

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The introduction of the Swart Atomic Space Tone (AST) was a smashing success, earning raves across the board, whether in studios, clubs, or living rooms. Everyone loved this 12" all-tube combo, with its multi-dimensional tone, excellent break-up, and soulful tube reverb and tremolo. Many were claiming the AST achieved a rare benchmark in category without peer, some saying it might be the best amplifier they've ever played. Those are strong words considering the myriad of boutique and vintage offerings.

Soon after introduction, Michael took the AST and literally placed the combo circuit/chassis inside a head cab with nary a mod, this to appease musicians needing this format. The acclaimed "Limited Run" head sold out within 45 days!

The all new AST Head MkII is Michael's assault on perfecting the AST circuit for a head with 4/8/16 ohm impedance selection, the ability to run the 6V6, 6L6, and EL34, along with the addition of our completely bypassable dedicated tube stage master volume, designed from the ground up to bring MV convenience without leeching the tone/soul from the amazing AST circuit. The all aluminum, star ground chassis is housed in a hand-made , finger-jointed, solid wood cab, covered in lacquered tweed.

We feel this amplifier hits it out of the proverbial park just like the original AST. And although it was a long wait, it's well worth the patience because you're going to be blown away all over again. And although there is already a line that's been forming for this amp, musicians can take solace that this is NOT going to be a limited run. Swart would only make that mistake once. And one last point... this is a light amp at only 19lbs with the 1x12 cab weighing less than the AST!

AST Head Mk II & Cabinet Specifications:

* All Tube circuit - 18-20w twin 6V6 High Class A Biased AB
* Can be powered by 6V6, 6L6, and now the EL34
* Tube stage Master Volume that is bypassable for Purists
* Cathode Biased (no need to bias)
* JJ 12AX7(3) - JJ 12DW7 - Tung-Sol 6V6 - JJ GZ34
* Tube Rectification: GZ34 or NOS 5Y3 (See below)
* Sub NOS 5Y3 for earlier breakup/increased compression
* 100% Tube Reverb & Tremolo - Quality Spring Tank
* Hi/Lo Inputs for better PU Output matching
* Hand wired point to point
* Made in USA
* Standby Switch - Amp warmed up|extends tube life
* Carbon Comp Resistors for BEST TONE
* Mallory, Sprague and JJ Caps, selected for Application
* Finest silver tinned cloth and Teflon covered wire
* Twin Outputs to run two Cabinets
* 4 / 8 / 16 Ohm selectable : Rear Panel Switch
* Dedicated 2 button foot switch included
* Extra Large Rubber Feet for Vibration/Protection
* Solid, finger-jointed Pine Cab - Lacquered Tweed
* 1x12 cab standard w/ Mojo BV-25 - Options available
* Head Dimensions: 17 7/8W x 9D x 10H, 19lbs
* 1x12 Cab Dimensions: 24W x 11D x 16 7/8H, 26lbs

Some more highlights of the AST Head circuit...

Designed to be powered by Twin Tung-Sol 6V6's putting out 18-20 cathode biased Watts; the twin 6V6s seem to really put out an amazing mixture of soul-tone. We love this combo! You can also sub the 6L6 family along with the EL-34 for more headroom due to the extra beefy Transformers. And unlike the original AST Head, the MkII has TWO outputs and can run 4/8/16 ohm cabinets/speakers.
The JJ 12AX7 does duty as the driver and bias regulated Tremolo. Ever heard tube tremolo? You will now. Simply put, if you're a tremolo fan, you won't go back.

Reverb is all tube. Tube Reverb is the only way to go and our implementation leaves the competition sounding rather two-dimensional.

Simply put, it's one of the most tonally expressive, organic, soulful, rich, and dimensional amplifiers in production, now in Head form with a Master Volume that's a step above the rest!