Swart Antares 1x12 Combo Amp, Traditional, Black & Tweed

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The Antares is the latest offering from one our favorite amp companies. The AST has always been one of the most popular amps in the Swart lineup. With the release of the much loved EL84 driven Mod 84, there have been people asking about a 6V6 based version. With the Antares, Swart has combined the best features of the Mod 84 and the AST into a whole new beast!

It's more than an 18w AST on steroids, more than an AST with top mounted controls. It's the Swart Magic worked on twin, push-pull 6V6 with a bit bigger reverb, deeper bottom-end foundation, with a new custom output transformer borrowed from the MOD84 Lineage. It features Swart's effective switchable three-way like on the STR-Tremolo. Toss in the AST's all time favorite, über sweet tube bias tremolo and you have the makings of an addiction. And yes, it does have top mounted controls for easy access. And to top it off, it's all housed within an all new Pine cab with tilted back baffle.

Like the AST, the Swart Antares can also run 2 x 6L6 power tubes for a slightly increased 22 watt output if so desired. Stock, however, the Antares will ship with dual 6V6's putting out 18 watts.


  18 Watts (or 22 with optional 6L6 tubes)

Preamp Tubes:
  2 x 12AX7 and 1 x 12DW7 (for reverb)
Power Tubes:    2 x 6V6 (cathode biased)
Rectifier Tube:   5AR4
12" Celestion Creamback G12H-75 (other speakers are optional)
Dimensions: 15.5" Tall  x  26" Wide  x  10" Deep

Weight:  approx 35 lbs

Additional Features:

  • Point to Point - All Hand Wired - Hand Built in the USA!
  • Twin 6V6, cathode biased (option twin 6L6's)
  • Tube tremolo with custom Speed Sweep / Depth
  • Tube reverb circuit for superior audio massiveness
  • Hi / Lo Inputs for better Pickup matching
  • Heavy Duty Output transformers are custom designed by Swart
  • Carbon Comp Resistors, Mallory, Sprague and JJ Caps
  • The best silver tinned cloth and Teflon covered wire available!
  • Standby Switch incorporated into the design to extend tube life
  • Dedicated 2 Button foot switch (included)
  • Hand-made, finger jointed solid pine cab (an integral part of the tone)