Suhr Thornbucker Neck, Asatobucker 53mm Bridge Pickup Set, Black

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Humbucker Music

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Humbucker Music is the largest dealer of Suhr Pickups in the world with a vast selection. We're now offering Suhr Thornbucker / Asatobucker Pickup Sets. This one consists of the Black Thornbucker Neck with a 53mm Asatobucker Bridge.

Suhr Thornbucker Pickups are designed out of a need for a no-compromise, consistent set of 50's Gibson PAF style pickups with none of the downsides associated with them.  50's Gibson PAF humbucker pickups have long since been coveted for their exceptional tone and ability to play both clean and dirty.  With inspiration from Pete Thorn, Suhr has brought us the perfect set of PAF pickups!

The Thorn-Bucker Pickups have not only brought guitarists the coveted and now consistent sound of a good set of PAFs, but also have also brought these pickups into the modern age. The ThornBucker pickups have 4 conductor wiring (ability to coil tap) and a variety of spacing options.

Mateus Asato has established himself as one of the most melodic and inspirational guitar players in the world today. His collaboration with John Suhr has resulted in the all new Asatobucker, a vintage inspired bridge Humbucker with superb warmth and touch sensitivity. Alnico IV magnets are used to create the soft and sweet attack that is the quintessential Mateus sound.

Magnet: Alnico V

Size: 50mm
DC Resistance: 7.3KΩ
Wire: Plain Enamel
Hook Up Wire: 4-Conductor

Magnet: Alnico IV

Size: 53mm
DC Resistance (53mm): 9.24KΩ
Wire: Plain Enamel
Hook Up Wire: 4-Conductor