About Jackson Ampworks

"Jackson Ampworks was created in 2003 out of a desire to produce the highest quality and best sounding guitar amplifiers possible all at a price that is affordable to working musicians." – Brad Jackson

Since 2003 they have established themselves as a manufacturer of the highest quality guitar amplifiers available, and during that time gained the respect and endorsement of many of the music industry’s best players. Initially though, this quality did not come without a price. To keep the quality of their products high they were forced to keep their prices high in order to remain in business. However in 2009, they underwent a massive restructuring that now allows them to offer their amps at a fraction of their original cost and still maintain the tone and quality that Jackson Ampworks is known for!


Early in the design stages of the Jackson Ampworks series of amplifiers, many design standards were adopted and adhered to. Some of these design standards are as follows:

Simple Is Better

When designing an amplifier, the more simple and clean the audio path is, the more pure and true the resulting tone will be. That is why great tone has be designed in from the beginning.

Jackson Ampworks does not simply add features until the resulting amplifier sounds impressive. They start with a clean slate and establish the design goals for an amplifier, and then only when that goal has been met do they proceed with adding additional features.

At Jackson Ampworks they feel strongly that when you first play a Jackson Ampworks amplifier, both you and your ears will agree – simple is better!

Do Not Cut Corners on Quality or Tone

When designing and manufacturing a product, there are countless opportunities to cut costs for the sake of saving a few dollars, but that is something that they have never allowed themselves to do. By using the highest quality parts and processes, they can be certain that their amplifiers are the best amplifiers available and will provide the user with a lifetime of toneful and worry-free service.

Turret Board Construction

In our opinion, turret board construction represents the most rugged, reliable and toneful method of creating a circuit board. Many guitar amplifiers which are 40+ years old feature turret board construction, and are still working flawlessly, a testament to the durability of the turret board type of construction.

Use the Best/Highest Quality Parts Available

Every Jackson Ampworks amplifier is a testament to build quality in every area. From their precision cut and welded aluminum chassis, to their over-spec transformers, you simply cannot find an amplifier that is better or more carefully constructed.

What sets Jackson Ampworks apart:

Laser Cut and Anodized Aluminum Chassis with Welded Corners Stainless Steel Hardware
Fully Isolated Chassis Mounted Cooling Fan Stainless Steel Fan Mount
Clarostat Fully Sealed Conductive Plastic Potentiometers Silver Plated Teflon Wire
Custom Wound Transformers Precision Cut and Drilled Turret Boards
G10 Fiberglass Turret Board Stainless Steel Front and Back Face Plates
Laser Engraved Front and Back Face Plates Central Point Grounding with Star Ground
Distributed Power Supply External Bias Test Jacks
External Locking Bias Adjustment Pots Gold Plated Ceramic Tube Sockets
Mallory 150 and Sprague Orange Drop Coupling Capacitors F&T and Sprague Atom Filter Caps
Heavy Duty Carling Switches Fully Isolated Switchcraft Input, FX Loop and Speaker Jacks
5% Carbon Film and Carbon Comp Resistors Threaded Metal Inserts (for securing back panel to cabinet)
Nylock Plate Nuts (for securing chassis to cabinet) Dovetail Joint Baltic Birch Cabinets