Jackson Ampworks

Jackson Ampworks Custom Shop Orders

In order to offer so many different color options without the long lead times normally associated with custom built amps Humbucker Music has partnered with Jackson Ampworks in a unique and exciting way.

In anticipation of your order Jackson has already built and bench tested chassis for each of their models and have them at their shop in Keller, Texas. They have constructed the cabinet enclosures, however have they don't cover the enclosures until your order is placed. The moment we receive an order from you we will pass along the details to the techs at Jackson Ampworks and they will cover your amp in the tolex color of your choice and ship the amp directly to you from their shop. This normally takes right around 2 business days. We are super excited about this partnership. Not only does this offer you the opportunity to choose between a huge variety of color options, but it also guarantees that you are receiving the most factory fresh amp possible!

In 2003, Jackson Ampworks was created with the single goal of making premium quality amplifiers affordable to working musicians. They did this by employing superior design standards such as pure straight forward audio circuits, turret board hand-wired construction, and dedicated commitment to using the best and highest quality parts available.

The Britain 4.0, Newcastle 30, and their 1x12 Dual Ported cabinets have attracted the attention of many well known artists, including Robbie McIntosh (Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart, Annie Lennox, The Pretenders, and John Mayer just to name a few) and Nigel Hendroff (Hillsong United).