The Vintage Sound Vintage 35sc is the a higher headroom, 6L6 version of our super popular Vintage 22sc, also referred to as the Deluxe that Leo *should* have built!  For years guitar players both professional and amateur have praised the coveted Black Face AB763 circuitry found in the mid 60's Deluxe Reverbs as the Holy Grail of tone.  However, we often hear the following from many of them:   1)  Why 2 channels?  I only use the Main channel, and  2) Someone should offer a smaller single channel "grab and go" version!

But wait, there are other improvements!  There's more detail on the amp item pages below, but in a nutshell, there are 4 other improvements to the circuit.

1) The "MIDDLE" tone control.  The original Fender circuit actually had a fixed "MIDDLE" that was set permanently at 6.8k.  Vintage Sound removed this resistor from the circuit and replaced it with a much more versatile 10k potentiometer. 
"Bright Cap Defeat" switch.  As you probably know, the original circuit was somewhat bright, so people used to pull the chassis and clip the bright cap allowing a darker tone from their amp. There's now a switch that accomplishes the same thing.
3) Reverb Dwell Control on the rear of the chassis.  Obviously, this too was omitted on the original circuit, but it comes in quite handy for adjusting the amount of decay the reverb has.
4) The Diaz based tremolo mod and a newly designed oscillator specific to Vintage Sound Amps allows a slower vibrato rate and less noise than the original Fender circuit.  You can also turn the dial all the way down, you switch off the vibrato circuit, bypassing it and leaving you with a cleaner, more pure signal.

  • Vintage Sound Vintage 35sc Combo, Walnut Hardwood
    Vintage Sound Vintage 35sc Combo, Walnut Hardwood
    Vintage Sound Vintage 35sc Combo, Walnut Hardwood
    $ 2,495.00