The Swart Antares is essentially the result of people asking for a 6V6 driven, top mounted control version of the much loved Swart Mod 84. With the Antares, Swart has combined the best features of the Mod 84 and the AST into a whole new beast!

It could be called an AST on steroids as it delivers a bit bigger reverb, and deeper bottom-end (thanks to the new custom output transformer borrowed from the Mod 84). It also features Swart's effective switchable three-way like on the STR-Tremolo. Toss in the AST's all time favorite, super sweet tube bias tremolo and you have a quite impressive amp! To top it off, it's also constructed in an all new light-weight pine cab with tilted back baffle.

Like the AST, the Swart Antares can also run 2 x 6L6 power tubes for a slightly increased 22 watt output if so desired. Stock, however, the Antares will ship with dual 6V6's putting out 18 watts.

  • TAD Tube Kit - Swart Antares
    TAD Tube Kit - Swart Antares
    TAD Tube Kit - Swart Antares
    $ 127.00