It doesn't happen often, but every now and then...

We end up with a few guitars that we're willing to discount heavily to move them.  These Suhr guitars have been dropped to their absolute bottom dollar and are definitely ridiculously good deals.

Why?  Well, we did a run of about 300 exclusive guitars last year, and this is all that's left.  Suhr has come out with some new models that essentially replace these and since we've been the top Suhr dealer for a couple years, we're buying into the new line heavily.  What does that mean?  Great deals for YOU on these models.  Nothing at all wrong with them.  Not floor models or anything like that.  We just have these left over from the exclusive Swamp Ash run, and we're looking to convert that inventory into some of the 2016 models.  

Here's your chance to make out like a bandit on Suhr Guitars!  :)