Swart Mod 84

       Swart Mod 84

   The Mod 84 is a brilliant concept that Michael Swart developed years ago based around the EL84 output tube. Not wanting to build another Vox type amp, Swart has incorporated many new ideas into the Mod 84 amplifier. In true Swart tradition, each amp pays a homage to the Tweed amps of yore, while providing superb reverb and some of the very best tremolo in the industry. Those same qualities go into each Mod 84. Not a Tweed amp, but not another AC15 clone either. This amp delivers tones that carry the EL84 sparkle but with a broad low end that can fill a room nicely. The 26" wide pine cabinet is going to have a lot to do with that. It's extra wide stance provides a larger baffle surface which I find to be helpful for most EL84 amps. It never removes any upper frequencies(The Creamback does that nicely on its own), but it does add to the full, low end waves emitting from the amp.

   Aesthetically, the amp doesn't shy away from the spotlight either. Offered with a contrast stripe that can be customized, the look of the amp is vintage, but not like you've seen before. They give you the "Why haven't I seen this before?" vibe simply looking at each one. The Mod 84 is an excellent choice for the player who loves for the amp to have a little of that wholesome, warm, tweedy fuzz around the notes, but for those notes to have sparkle and chime that can cause amp to shine in an otherwise normal amp collection. Sounds cool, right?

  We think that the Mod 84 is a breath of fresh air for an EL84 based amp. There seem to be a lot of amps out there that fall around that old Vox voicing, but not here. At 35 lbs it's not a back breaker either. So, in other words, pick one up today ;)

- Jeremy Walley
Humbucker Music
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  • Siti - December 17, 2015

    P Matz My AC20 Deluxe arrived today. I haven’t been able to rllaey crank it up as I live in an apartment, but tomorrow I’m going to a practice space and let er rip. I looked at 8 amps for nearly half a year before settling in Joe’s gem. I had him pack it in a DAG15 cabinet so I can haul it to gigs on the subway. Not so elegant as yours, but sounds amazing. Ran a series of guitars through it all afternoon including a Suhr Pro C2, Grosh Classic T with Fralins, ElektraJet P90 s and Parker Fly. Everything sounds great. Rich, full, great sustain even at low volume. Sparkle and chime with the bright circuit, snarl and grind with the volume up. I love it.