Nash S-63 Guitar

Nash S-63 Guitar         Nash S-63 Guitar

    We get a lot of questions about our inventory of Nash Guitars at Humbucker Music. We thought it may be a good idea to take a few minutes to tell you about one type of them in particular, the Nash S-63 guitar and why we think that this may be one of the best sounding and playing single coil guitars on the market.

    Besides the overall aesthetics of the guitar like the color of the body or fretboard, the first thing that I think most people will notice about their new S-63 guitar will be the neck. Each neck seems to resonate with the guitar and you can actually feel what you're playing. I find that to be a quality that goes a long way in a guitar, especially with a bolt on neck. I feel like a lot of the resonant qualities that I find in these guitars are largely contributed to such a thin Nitro finish on the body and the finish on the neck being basically non existent on a lot of it. The lack of a gloss finish smothering the neck not only serves for that purpose, but it actually reduces a lot of the friction found on the back of the neck allowing you to glide up and down the neck effortlessly. The 6105 frets feel great and are never hanging over or left out of shape. The shape of the neck is a huge selling point for me. It's a medium C but slightly fuller in the middle than the medium C that you may be used to while retaining a soft shoulder. It's Very comfortable and easy to play.

    The Lollar hand wound pickups are full at the bottom, while retaining a nice non-harsh brilliance at the top of your frequency range. The mids are very balanced and really work well with both 6L6 and EL-34 amps. This is why we order the guitars with these pickups in them. They're always balanced and consistent from guitar to guitar. I found it easy to go from jazz chords to Texas driven blues and sound right for the job either way.

    When you combine the list of ingredients from above, you end up with an instrument that you would not only expect to pay twice the price for, but you'll end up owning a guitar that will let you expand on your potential. Why? Because it's already at its best. It's slow and sustainful or fast and snappy. It's actually waiting on you to catch up, while keeping you happy and hungry at the same time.

Jeremy Walley
Humbucker Music
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