Nash GF-2 & GF-3 Review

Nash GF-3 Surf Green

    The GF-2 and GF-3 are two of the latest instruments released by Bill Nash guitars. We wanted to take a few minutes to give you the low down on this guitar and how it may fit into your arsenal of instruments.

    Lets start with the Swamp Ash body. It's light, resonant and has a nice grain aesthetic if you choose a trans color. The Swamp Ash body and Maple neck combination on any Tele styled guitar is a great match. It always results in the strong snappy neck with a lot of resonance from the porous body. Enough about that though, Lets get on to the hand wound Lollar Gold Foil pickups and how they influence the guitar's sound.

    There is a specific clarity to the Gold Foils, as well as a tendency to accent the guitar under your fingers. You can feel the release of your notes and the specific attack on a set of strings better than a lot of pickups that we come across. They definitely leave nothing to hide behind. The GF-3 will muster up some pretty convincing strat tones with its five way switch and three single coils. It never goes full strat, it keeps plenty of tele vibe pouring out, but the lines can become slightly blurred to your ears! The GF-3 also has the ability to go to the 2- 4 positions like a strat but with Tele bite and overall tone. The GF-2 offers up tones more commonly associated with a Tele but because of the nature of these pickups and because of their placement being different than the standard single coils, it'll sound different. It's more towards a clear P90 meets a standard tele pickup with a sharp fat low end response. I think it's a wonderfully balanced tone. Somehow with even more clarity than you already expect from a Tele. This pickup, while clear, still has enough output to push some dirt through your old tube amp.

    So, overall, this guitar takes you to the in-betweens of some familiar tones, while retaining a high level of familiarity, comfort, and quality. The GF-2 & GF-3 are a welcome addition to an already great sounding & playing line of guitars. Check out our GF series and many more of the Nash T styled guitars!

Review written by Jeremy Walley

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