Trussart SteelDeville w/ B7 Bigsby in Dark Rust-O-Matic Pinstripe

James Trussart SteelDeville

    The first thing that I noticed when I plugged in the Steel Deville was the incredible wide frequency range of the midrange. It doesn't seem to have a mid peak, but a plateau. What that means to me is that the harmonics generated on most guitars in their tonal midrange are not nearly as full and accented across the spectrum as in this true hollow body. It's output is so solid from top to bottom. The sustain and resonant qualities of this Deville are matched by very few guitars that I've played, and just as you would imagine, the steel adds such strength that it's a feeling immediately noticed by the player.

    The next thing that I wanted to mention is the neck and fingerboard. The '59 profile is extremely comfortable, dressed to the nines and I found it to be very true, very toneful and full of sustain anywhere that I played on the neck. This guitar is like nothing else in your collection. (Unless you already own one of these beauties) It will definitely lean you towards a Les Paul with the neck, scale length and overall shape. I really enjoyed this guitar through several amps but I particularly liked it through a Victoria 20112. A good tweed amp plus this guitar is a combination that will produce some of the sweetest vintage inspired tones that we carry at Humbucker Music.

Review by Jeremy W.

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