Victoria Amplifier 35210 2x10 Combo, Half Power Switch

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The Victoria 35210 Amplifier is Victoria's take on the rare narrow panel Fender Super.

This amp does 'clean' exceptionally well, with a smooth and aggressive overdriven tone that seems to work perfectly with just about any guitar ever made. When pushed, this amp adds a certain amount of perceived gain beyond the 1 o'clock position, almost like an overdrive pedal. Working with the tone controls enables you to raise and lower the threshold for clean tones in different sized rooms with precision.

Although a faithful re-creation of the Super, one departure from the original is that a
bias trim pot and test points have been added.


All point to point, hand-wired, and all USA built!
Output: 28 / 14 Watts
Upgrades: Half Power Switch Included
Fender 5F4
Tube Configuration:
1 x 5U4GB, 2 x 5881, 2 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AY7
Controls: Presence, Bass, Treble, Volume Bright, Volume Normal
Speakers: 2 x 10" Eminence Legend 1028 *
Dimensions: 18.5" x 22" x 10.5"
Weight: Coming soon!

* Victoria previously used Jensen speakers until about 4 years ago when they changed to the Eminence Legend 1028. The change came about when Jensen changed the cone material of the speaker making it darker, sluggish, and more prone to cone distortion. The Eminence is noticeably livelier, dynamic and more responsive like a vintage Jensen.