Two-Rock TS1 Tone Secret 100/50 Watt Head/Cab - Black Suede

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$ 6,490.00 

Our Two-Rock TS1 100 head and 2x12 cab in Black Suede is now in stock!

We have been asked from time to time about stocking custom suede coverings on some of our Two-Rocks. This isn't a cheap upgrade, but then again, this is not cheap faux suede. This is real suede leather that has to be purchased by the hide and not by the linear yard like tolex.

The grill cloth is a Vox style brown diamond pattern weave, much like the ones you see on old Dumble amps. Two-Rock doesn't do the Vox grills, so this is a custom grille.  Absolutely spectacular!

The Two Rock TS1 Tone Secret Head is a Dumble style amp that was originally built to commemorate the legendary luthier, and close personal friend to the guys at Two-Rock, Taku Sakashta. In a similar fashion to other premium amps by Two-Rock, the TS-1 Tone Secret features an unequaled organic character to the tone with shimmering crisp highs, tight controlled bass, and an extremely refined and focused midrange. The TS-1 Tone Secret takes things beyond the classic Two Rock tone to a place where clean is best. With a 'No-post-OD' tonestack and huge headroom, the TS-1 has all the right ingredients for phenomenal clean tones. Additional upgrade ($100) will include silver skirted knobs.


100 / 50 watts
Switchable from 100 to 50 watts output
Solid State Rectified
Built using rare NOS parts
Exceptional clean head room
Open, Articulate Leads
NPODS (No Post OD Tonestack)

The matching 2x12 cab comes loaded with dual Celestion G12-65 speakers, the perfect compliment for the TS1!