Two-Rock Silver Sterling Signature 100/50 Head/Cab, Black Suede

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The Silver Sterling Signature (SSS) continues Two-Rock's quest to bring us the best built amps that deliver iconic guitar tones. Using the same silver anodized chassis we've seen on the newer Classic Reverbs and Bloomfields, this amp delivers a solid platform that immediately proves why Two-Rock is known for delivering products built for the serious artist.
The 100 watt (4x6L6)is switchable to 50 watts using Two-Rock’s proprietary output transformer design that allows zero performance loss when power scaling.  There’s no doubt that this amp loves to be pushed to the limit, so the tone stack and the filter switches allow the user plenty of flexibility to find the right tone.  Six 12AX7’s give this amp a lush reverb and a cathode follower tube that extends the punch and adds an immediacy to the feel as well as headroom and clarity. 
100 watt version: 4 x 6L6 switchable to 50 watts
Foot switchable FET and tone stack BYPASS control
TREBLE, MIDDLE and BASS tone stack controls
7 position HIGH and LOW filter switches
Reverb SEND and RETURN controls
Presence control
Passive effects loop

2x12 Cab Features:

Speaker: 2 x Two-Rock Custom TR-65B
Ohms Rating: 4 Ohms
Tuned semi-open (ported) back design
Dimensions: 29" wide x 21.5" tall x 12" deep
Weight: 50 lbs

This Two-Rock 2 x 12" speaker cab was designed specifically to match the characteristics and tone of their amplifiers and features void free multi-ply birch construction, special bracing, tuned back, sides, and baffle, and tuned rear port. The result is a well-balanced cabinet with even dispersion and substantial response throughout the entire frequency band.