Two-Rock ELI Tube Buffered Effects Loop Interface

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The Two-Rock ELI Tube Buffered Effects Loop Interface is back!  It wasn't being produced for several years, but now that the old guard is running the show at Two-Rock, we're now able to stock them again!

The ELI is an effective tool for using outboard effects with any guitar amp that has a preamp output and power amp input jack. Although it's not shown in the interconnect diagrams, the unit can also be used at the front end of any guitar amplifier to buffer the signal being fed to the amp. The buffered interface eliminates the insertion loss of effects chains by eliminating impedance mismatches created by various outboard effects units. In addition, compensation for hi frequency signal loss resulting from multiple effects being daisy-chained as well as long cable runs can be implemented.

Signal Processing

There are two main sections to the ELI. The first stage consists of a high impedance vacuum tube buffer with a +20dB signal increase capability as well as a high frequency boost via a bright switch if desired. The signal is then fed to your effects chain. The signal returning to the unit is processed by a second buffered tube stage with controllable signal level attenuation and an additional bright switch. Virtually any combination of effects, even with long cable runs, can benefit from the correct application of this interface.

Product Specs:

Tube: 1 x 12AX7
Tube Buffered
Weight: TBA