Two-Rock Classic Reverb Signature 100/50 Silverface Head, 2x12 Cab, Slate Grey

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The Two-Rock Classic Reverb Signature is the result of several refinements over the years to one of the most sought after Two-Rock circuits. Using the Sterling Signature and John Mayer Signature amps as their guide, Two-Rock added a few features to enable the guitarist to tailor his clean from super squeaky hi-fi clean all the way to edgy, medium distortion. They're purposely tweaked the input stages to enhance distortion pedal performance. A sophisticated all tube spring reverb is included, featuring 3 voicings, plus individual send and return controls. The presence control has been eliminated and a more useful contour control has been added. At the twelve o'clock position, the amp's frequency response is flat. Rotating the knob counter-clockwise, will decrease the highs and increase the lows, and vice-versa for clockwise movement. This is ideal for switching between single coils and humbuckers without touching other controls or compensating for different speaker cabinets. It's also a great way to compensate for room acoustics without changing your entire preamp EQ.

The addition of a "gain structure" switch allows the player to switch from a Schofield Signature, Sterling Signature, or Traditional Two-Rock front-end.

The Classic Reverb Signature also features a new proprietary output transformer designed to properly switch the amp from 100 to 50 watt mode without any impedance mismatch or loss in tone or feel.

Head Features:

  • Single channel, SS rectifier, 4 X 6L6, 100/50 watts switchable
  • 100 watt- class AB with 50/100 watt switch
  • Footswitchable FET preamp stage with level control, treble, middle, bass, bright, mid, deep, dual EQ settings, gain and master, contour control. 4, 8, 16 ohm output
  • Triple function LED footswitch for FET, tone bypass and Reverb Defeat
  • 3 way preamp(negative) feedback switch
  • Dimensions: 20" L x 10" D x 12" H / Weight: 48 lbs
2x12 Cab Features:

This Two-Rock dual 12" speaker cab was designed specifically to match the characteristics and tone of their amplifiers and features void free multi-ply birch construction, special bracing, tuned back, sides, and baffle, and tuned rear port. The result is a well-balanced cabinet with even dispersion and substantial response throughout the entire frequency band.

Speaker: 2 x Two-Rock Custom TR-65B
Ohms Rating: 4 Ohms
Tuned semi-open (ported) back design
Dimensions: 21.5" wide x 29" tall x 12" deep
Weight: 50 lbs