Two-Rock Bloomfield Drive 40/20 Combo, Black, Large Check

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$ 5,800.00 

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The Two-Rock Bloomfield Drive is their latest two-channel, cascading gain style amp that revisits their popular Custom Reverb Signature platform.

The Bloomfield Drive utilizes Two-Rock's new proprietary output transformers that allow for 4 x 6V6’s switchable from 40 to 20 watts without any impedance mismatch or sacrifice of tone and feel. The responsiveness, depth and bandwidth of the clean channel is instantly familiar, and cascades to an articulate and touch dynamic lead channel that is a pleasure to play. As an extension of the clean channel, the new lead channel gives the player rich harmonics, added gain, and a beautiful sustain or add the foot-switchable tone stack bypass to either channel and push the amp to another dimension of overdrive tones. The Bloomfield Drive features a new sophisticated all tube spring reverb circuit specifically designed to not interfere with the overdrive channel and still retain clear note definition, a sweeter top end and maintain touch sensitivity when you push the gain. With a Send and Return control, you can shape your reverb to the room or vibe you are trying to achieve. In addition, the Bloomfield Drive features endless tone shaping options in the tone stack with toggle switches for added boost on the EQ and choice NOS part selections. 

Along with the 100 and 50 watt heads, Two-Rock added this 40 watt 6V6 combo because the overdrive in this format is simply unforgettable. Add in the power scaling on the 40 watt amp and you have a 20 watt monster in a portable combo with their TR1265B speaker. 


  • 2 channel cascading gain stage platform 
  • Adjustable Treble, Mid and Bass tone-stack 
  • Foot switchable LEAD and tone BYPASS functions 
  • Reverb SEND and RETURN controls 
  • Passive effects loop 
  • 4 x 6V6 40 watt combo switchable to 20 watts 
  • Silver anodize with silver knobs or black anodize with black chicken head knobs
  • Speaker: 12" Two-Rock Custom TR1265B
  • Combo Dims: 20.625 x 11 x 22 - 59 LBS