Swart Night Light Jr Attenuator

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$ 186.00 

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The Swart Night Light Jr attenuator is shipping now!

This little guy packs quite a punch in a very small package.  Swart specifically designed this to hide in the port of the ST-6V6se, Atomic Jr, STR-Tweed, and STR-Tremolo, but it can be used in any amplifier (4-8 OHM) rated at 15 watts and lower.

Many of you were looking for something more simple and bare bones designed for lower wattage amps.  As you know, 15 watts can be quite loud.  So can 5 watts!  Well, the Swart Night Light Jr addresses these concerns in a convenient, affordable package .

We're really digging this little beast and loving the way it brings that Swart Low Watt breakup at more manageable levels for those in need inside the smaller combos.