Swart LED Reverb / Pulsing Tremolo Foot Switch

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$ 129.00 


Swart Custom Two Button LED Foot Switch with pulsating trem!

The new custom Swart Designed LED Footswitch is for all Swart amps that have Reverb and Tremolo. No more guessing whether it's on or off because the bright blue LED will always let you know current the status.

Now with the Trem LED, you'll have speed indication LED pulsing which actually improves the whole experience, making you feel more connected with your Swart Amplifier. 

Controls: Reverb, & Vibrato On/Off

Please Note:  This footswitch comes two ways:  With a 15' cable ($129), or without ($100).  If you already own a TRS-TRS cable in the length you want, then you will not need the cable.

Each Vintage Sound amplifier comes with the option of having bias points. In case you're not sure what this means, please check out the video below to see how easy it is to bias your Vintage Sound amp *IF* you have the optional Bias Points.

It's certainly a worthy upgrade if you plan on swapping out power tubes much.