Swart AST Pro Amp - Custom Wine Taurus

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$ 2,099.00 
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Designed in conjunction with guitarist Greg V, this is the no holds barred answer to the professional musician's need for an AST (Atomic Space Tone) built for the road but without any loss in Swart style. Introducing the AST PRO, which offers everything the AST is famous for, plus the following mods:

  • Deeper Cab w/Recessed Chassis for Protection
  • Chassis Elevated to accommodate Larger Speaker
  • The preferred speaker that Swart likes the most in this amp is the British made Celestion G12H30 Heritage (+$150), but other options include The Mojo BV-25, the Celestion G12H30 Anniversary (+$50), and the Celestion Alnico Gold (+$250)
  • Rear Panel w/Switchable External Out/In & Enlarged Port
  • NEW! Rear Panel now includes Night Light Input for easy addition of the Swart Nightlight Attenuator!
  • Extra Large Rubber Feet for Vibration/Protection
  • Dimensions:  15 1/2" W x 10 1/8" D X 18 7/8" H
  • Weight:  31lbs
  • Two-Button Footswitch Included!
So what does this all mean?

Well, sound-wise, the AST PRO sounds a tad "bigger" than the AST. The cab is 3/4 an inch deeper to allow the recessed chassis for additional knob/switch protection. This might add just a bit more heft to the bottom as well. The enlarged port in the PRO panel, now standard on all AST, gives a slightly more open sound. And the new switchable external output makes it easier to drive another cab, bypassing the internal speaker (8 ohm output).