Suhr Woodshed Comp Compression Pedal

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$ 200.00 

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The new Suhr Andy Wood Signature Woodshed Comp is is now available at Humbucker Music!

There are all different types of compressors, VCA, FET, tube compressors, all with different characteristics. VCA compressors are known for being quick and having less distortion than FET or tube compressors. The Suhr Koji Comp is a VCA compressor that’s more similar to more popular compressor pedals on the market. The new Woodshed Comp is completely different. Though it’s also a VCA compressor, it uses a completely different process for gain-reduction.

The biggest difference between the Koji Comp and the Woodshed Comp is how the gain-reduction is controlled. Where the Koji is a ‘feed-back’ design, the Woodshed is a ‘feed-forward’ design. ‘Feed-forward’ works by the signal going into the side-chain, which controls the gain-reduction of the whole thing. In essence, in a ‘feed-back’ design, the output controls the gain-reduction, and in ‘feed-forward’, the input controls the gain- reduction. The Woodshed Comp is a very simple, feed-forward, VCA compressor, tailored towards a studio-type schematic but it works incredibly with a guitar. The ‘feed-forward’ aspect ultimately makes the Woodshed Comp more transparent and open than anything else you’ve heard.

In the end, after all of the testing against Andy’s favorite vintage pedal and rack compressors, the Woodshed Comp ended up being the best sounding.

  • Built in the USA
  • VCA Compressor, tailored towards and studio-type schematic
  • Ddesigned in collaboration with Andy Wood
  • Feed-Forward gain reduction
  • Soaring sustain, without the need to push your amp gain too high
  • Incredible headroom allows you to use as a Boost
  • Clean and clear compression with no loss of transients or character
  • Small Dimensions: 1.82”(W) x 3.85”(D) x 1.89”(H)