Suhr Standard Pro Guitar, Bengal Burst, Roasted Maple

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The Suhr Standard Plus is essentially a renamed Standard Pro, with the following changes: The maple neck is now roasted maple, the neck and middle pickups are now V60's instead of ML's, and there is now a Push/Pull pot to split the humbucker.

The Standard Plus uses some of the most common appointments of custom built Suhr Standards. These guitars are light, toneful and perfectly balanced. Utilizing a Basswood body and Maple top, a fat, well-balanced tone can be achieved that produces smooth sounds without any harsh overtones. The finishing process provides an unparalleled combination of protection and beauty, while the thinnest possible coats of finish are applied to allow the wood to resonate freely and still provide ample protection. The neck is now constructed with roasted maple providing more stability and a darker aesthetic.

The Standard Pro is equipped with Suhr's much loved Even C Slim profile. Rolled edges and a 10-14" compound fingerboard radius offers a substantial, yet comfortable shape. The Roasted Maple neck is finished in satin acrylic urethane, which provides protection from moisture and smooth playing. Each Standard Pro also includes heavy stainless steel frets and is optimized for superior playability and intonation.

The Standard Plus is equipped with an SSH+ bridge humbucker and two V60 single coil pickups. Included is Suhr's SSCII system to provide noise cancellation for the single coil pickups, so every position on the 5-way switch is hum canceling.

So what is the difference between a Suhr Custom and a Suhr Standard Plus? Nothing at all! The Standard Plus is a fixed spec guitar with different finishes. With Suhr Custom guitars, you can practically customize every spec of your guitar. The Standard Pro guitars use the most common specs requested by players, allowing the EXACT same quality as a Custom, but at a better price.

Serial #: 68707
Weight: 7 lbs 10 oz

Body: Basswood, 2-Piece
Neck and Fretboard:
Roasted Maple
10" - 14"
Neck Shape:
Even C Slim, .800 - .880
Nut Width:
22 Frets, Stainless Steel, Heavy
Gotoh 510, Chrome
Hardware Color:
Suhr Locking, Chrome, 18:1 ratio
Pickguard: White Pearloid
Controls: 5-Way Blade, Volume, Tone
Electronics: Push/Pull Pot to Split Humbucker, SCSII Silent Single Coil System
Input Jack: Side Jack, Chrome
Neck Pickup: Suhr V60 Single Coil
Middle Pickup:
Suhr V60 Single Coil
Bridge Pickup:
Suhr SSH+ Bridge 53mm Humbucker
String Gauge: .010 - .046
Case: Suhr Deluxe Gigbag (hardshell case optional)

About the Pickups in this Guitar:

V60 Neck and Middle: The V60 pickups faithfully recreate the classic single-coil sounds of the 60’s. These pickups use the same magnets that were used in the pickups made during this era. What you get are clear bell-like highs, warm and punchy mids, and big yet firm lows that are the hallmark of great vintage pickups, which aren't as common as one might be led to believe. John Suhr examined a variety of vintage pickups and found that some sound much better than others and took apart the great ones to find out why, measuring the gauss of the magnets to counting the number of turns of the coil wires. The V60 replicates the handwound pattern of some early-60's single-coil pickups and impart sweeter and rounder highs.

SSH+ Bridge: Suhr's standard high-output pickups. From warm and clear clean sounds to classic rock to high-energy jazz-rock fusion to 80's metal. Using highest grade hand-selected Alnico magnets and premium components, these pickups complement the characteristics of the woods in your guitar.
Don'tlet the price fool you, the Standard Plus Series is still built to the same quality standards you would expect from a custom Suhr, only we just do them in larger runs to save you a good bit of money. These are made with the same woods, components, hands, and processes (including the PLEK machine) that make the custom Suhr guitars.

With Custom Suhr Guitars: Each Suhr Custom guitar is built precisely to the customer's specs. Special woods, special inlays, neck shapes, fret sizes, colors, electronics, you name it. That whole process is a lengthy one and requires lots of special attention along the way to insure a custom Suhr is *EXACTLY* as the customer specified. IN addition, the machines that cut cut the necks, bodies, etc have to be reprogrammed for each guitar. The paint shop has to change everything up for each individual guitar. You get the picture.

With Standard Plus Series Suhr Guitars: The specs are all set and fixed for the entire run. Same body/neck woods, electronics, neck shapes, fret sizes, etc. We get together with Suhr and select the most common specs that customers request for a specific model, change up the colors a bit for variation, and do a run of 50+ at a time. But here's where the story gets more interesting... With these guitars, *EVERY* step of the build process is exactly like the Custom build process. The same pickups, hardware, woods, etc are used for the Pro series. The same PLEK machines are used on the Pro Series. The same guys that do the setups and final finishing on the $10,000 Customs are the guys who do it on the Standard Plus.

So what does that mean? It means if a build spec for a Standard Plus guitar matches what you're wanting, then you'd be crazy not to get it. It's the same guitar. Period. Honestly, it's a steal, and we think people should take advantage of this if it meet your desired specs.