Suhr Select Classic S Guitar, Roasted Flamed Neck, Olympic White, Rosewood



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The Suhr Select Classic S Roasted Flamed Neck guitars are a collaboration between Humbucker Music and Suhr and are available in very limited numbers. 

As one of Suhr's largest dealers in the world, we designed this Custom Classic S run to bring the craftsmanship and quality of Suhr's Classic Custom line of guitars to a more attractive price while providing the player with some of Suhr's most popular appointments.

Starting with the highly regarded Classic S, and building on the massive success of our previous runs, we decided to recreate this run with a few changes. This Select run still features the highly desired Roasted Flamed Maple Neck, but we also added beautiful Abalone Dot Inlays. Aesthetically, we chose to go with a Tortoise Shell Pickguard on this guitar.

Our Classic S Roasted Select features low noise Suhr V60LP pickups with SSCII electronics, stainless steel frets and modern hardware like Suhr Locking Tuners and a Gotoh 510 Tremolo Bridge!

And of course, each Classic S Roasted Select goes through the same renowned individual setup process that $10-15k Suhr Custom guitars go through. For the money, these guitars simply CANNOT be beat.

Each is built with a two-piece alder body. Alder is known for its rich low and mid-range tonal qualities as well as its lighter overall weight, especially when roasted. Suhr takes great care in finishing the body with an ultra "Thin Skin" urethane finish, allowing for the wood to resonate freely while still providing plenty of protection to ensure the longevity of these guitars.

The neck is made from beautiful roasted flamed maple and features a vintage 60's C shape with medium stainless steel frets. The frets feature rolled edges and a 9"-12" compound radius, great for smooth bends. These appointments create a comfortable, fast feeling neck with long lasting playability.

Serial Number: 68832
Weight: 8 lbs 3 oz


Color: 3-Tone Burst with Aged Green Pickguard
Body: Select Alder, 2 Piece
Neck: Roasted Flamed Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood with Abalone Dot Inlays
Neck Shape: 60's C Vintage Standard .810 - .930
Nut Material: Tusq
Nut Width: 1.650"
Frets: 22 Frets, Stainless Steel, Medium
Bridge: Gotoh 510, Non-Recessed, Steel Block
Tuners: Suhr Locking Tuners
Pickguard: Tortoise Shell
Electronics: SSCII Wiring, Volume, 2-Tone, 5 Way
Knobs: Aged Green
Neck Pickup: Suhr V60LP, Aged Green
Middle Pickup: Suhr V60LP, Aged Green
Bridge Pickup: Suhr V60LP, Aged Green
Finish: "Thin Skin" Urethane
Case: Suhr Deluxe Padded Gig Bag (Hard Case Optional)
String Gauge: .010 - .046

About the Pickups in this Guitar

Every V60LP pickup is hand-built, precisely wound (using Suhr's proprietary winding process) and features: plain enamel wire, specially formulated Alnico V magnets, and vintage correct gray fiber bottoms. The V60LP also incorporates a modified staggered pole piece design, which provides an even magnetic field that is perfect for capturing those soaring multi-step bends that became an essential ingredient of the classic Strat solo. Another benefit is that they are a great fit for today’s flatter neck radius equipped guitars.

V60LP’s are exceptionally dynamic and respond to every nuance of your playing. Their tone is balanced with tight snappy lows and shimmering highs that cut ever so sweetly without sounding harsh. Whether you play Rock, Blues, or R&B, the V60LP is ideal for the player searching for the ultimate vintage era single-coil pickup.

The V60 Middle Pickup is RWRP (reverse wound, reverse polarity)

If you're thinking about purchasing this guitar, here are some things you should know:

Suhr essentially has two ways they build guitars. Every guitar that leaves their factory is either a one off custom built guitar, or it's part of a small production run of guitars where each spec (body shape, wood type, fingerboard radius, neck carve, pickups, etc) is the same, but only the color is different. In both cases, the EXACT same people construct, paint, and setup the guitars. These small runs allow many things to happen to reduce the price of the guitar, but IN NO WAY sacrifice quality. In other words, if you decided you wanted a custom guitar from Suhr and you requested the exact same specs as a Classic S in Olympic White ($2799), you would receive the exact same guitar as a production run Classic S in Olympic White, but you'd pay around $3465, which is about 25% more.

Of course, there's nothing strange going on here. It's just a matter of the time and effort it takes to select different wood, retool machines, change out hardware, wiring differences, clean the paint booth guns, etc each time a custom guitar is ran through. It's just more efficient to run guitars in numbers, so Suhr is able to reduce the price and pass that to the customer. Again, IN NO WAY has any compromises been made. What that boils down to is if a production Suhr's specs meets your needs and desires, it's a no-brainer. Buy that guitar. A custom Suhr will be no different in quality. With that said, all of our special runs of Classic S Roasted Select guitars are essentially custom guitars, but since they are ran all at the same time, we were able to negotiate better pricing for our customers than a custom price. We are listing these at $3199, but if they were custom ordered they would be $3942. Even if we knocked 10% off the custom price, you're still looking at $3548.

So, we just wanted to explain that if you're liking the specs on this guitar (which we and Suhr carefully selected together), then again, it's a no-brainer.

Naturally, if you have any questions about this or any other Suhr guitar please feel free to reach out. We're more than;happy to answer any questions you may have.