Suhr Rufus Fuzz Reloaded Pedal

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$ 200.00 

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Suhr Rufus Fuzz Reloaded

Now with Octave-Up Function!

Much like the previous Rufus Fuzz, the Rufus Fuzz Re|Loaded has just as many fuzz tones, works great with guitar or bass, still has a 3 band EQ, and the mf(x) mode selector switch, but now has some added features!

The new Rufus Re|Loaded incorporates a new Octave-Up function that's extremely dynamic, and uses the mf(x) function to activate. Meaning you can activate the Octave function just by pressing and holding down the foot switch! The new Octave function is designed to work seemlessly across all your pickup selections, as well as being used over the entirety of your fingerboard! Even on the 24th fret of a PRS, you'll still be able to enjoy the Octave-Up effect!

Suhr has also revoiced the circuit to accomedate for the new octave effect, letting even more of the naturally occuring low-end frequencies to pass through, so even a bass guitar will still retain its bottom end!


  • Controls: Fuzz, Level, Bass, Mid, Treble Switch, mf(x) switch
  • Effects: Fuzz, Octave-Up
  • Color/Finish: Green, Swirl Finish