Suhr V63+ (ML) Bridge Pickup, Black

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Get your Suhr V63+ Plus pickups at Humbucker Music, the largest dealer for Suhr pickups in the world.

The V63+ Plus incorporates the best qualities of various vintage pickups in a single design. Designed by John Suhr in conjunction with input from LA studio legend and solo artist Mike Landau, the V63+ sounds big and full while retaining the detailed high-end sparkle and the big tight lows of the best vintage pickups.

It should be noted that not all vintage pickups are created equal. Some just sound better than others and we focused on the best from Mike's extensive vintage collection. Whether you're playing blistering fat leads or sparkling rhythm sounds, the V63+ will cover all the bases and then some, inspiring you to new heights with the ultimate in single-coil tone. 

The ML pickups are calibrated for each position, including for the middle position with reverse winding and reverse polarity.

Please not that the V63+ name has replaced the ML, but they are exactly the same pickup.

DC Resistance for V63+: 7.2K ohms for bridge pickup, 6.5K ohms for neck and middle pickups