Suhr Minimix II FX Loop Mixer

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The Suhr MiniMix II (originally the MiniMix) is the first professional tone tool product from John Suhr that significantly improves the performance of your guitar rig. Used by pros like Scott Henderson and Mike Landau, the MiniMix II essentially converts the serial effects loop of your amp into an extremely transparent parallel effects loop that will not mess with the purity of your amp signal whatsoever. Designed by John Suhr utilizing only the highest grade audio components, the MiniMix II features better than 0.004% total harmonic distortion and noise floor along with an extremely flat frequency response covering 20Hz to 20 KHz.

You will be amazed by the improvement to the overall sound quality of your rig by connecting the MiniMix II into the effects loop of your amp. You get back your precious amp tone and simply layer the effects of your favorite processor over it to taste. Simply connect "Send" of your amp's loop to the "In" of the MiniMix. Connect the "Send" of the MiniMix to the input of your processor and the output of the processor to the "Return" of the MiniMix. Connect the "Out" of the MiniMix to the "Return" of your amp and you're ready to rock. Make sure the processor is set to 100% wet. You can control the balance between the dry amp tone and wet effects tone with the output level of your processor.

The MiniMix II assures that your amp signal is not degraded by legacy ADA converter in your processor. Now you can play with the peace of mind that the pure guitar-amp signal that you've worked so hard to attain is not compromised by suspicious circuits in various effects units. It's like converting your simple mono amp rig into a sophisticated multi-amp "wet-dry" rig without the hassles and the added bulk and weight. Add the MiniMix II to your rig and hear the difference you didn't think was possible in a simple one-amp rig. The MiniMix II adds new features to the original MiniMix with its ability to receive signals from two separate processors in parallel, a control jack that allows you to mute the dry signal for those effects patches (like compressor, chorus, tremolo or EQ, etc.) that are better suited for series operation, and an isolated transformer to eliminate ground loops. The MiniMix II can now accept both high-impedance instrument level signal or low-impedance line level signal, making this an invaluable addition to your rig.