Suhr Discovery Analog Delay Pedal

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Announcing the all-new Suhr Discovery Analog Delay Pedal!

The Discovery features an all-analog signal path with the benefit of modern controllability. It boasts 4 reissued versions of the much loved Bucket Brigade analog delay chips, and achieves what no other analog delay on the market could, the ability to shape and control your delay in any way you wish. All savable to 127 presets.

A truly revolutionary delay pedal the world has never seen!

Modern Control
With an intelligent Tap-Tempo that averages your last four taps, the Discovery Delay can help you really nail your tempo. 127 savable presets, allow you to save your favorite sounds and settings and recall them at the drop of a hat when using the Bypass and Tap-Tempo to instantly recall your presets.

Shape Discovery’s Tone
The Filter Section of the Discovery gives you utmost control to shape where your delay sits in the mix of your overall sound. With the Lo-Cut and Hi-Cut knobs, you can shave off bass or treble from your repeats. This will take you from thick, full delay fatness to the crisp, high-end of a dub-style echo.

Ultimate Expression
The sounds and possibilities can be limitless when you plug in an expression pedal to the Discovery. All knobs can be mapped to the expression pedal with a custom sweep for each one. A different mapping can be saved to each preset. From simply speeding up the delay time for those classic ‘tape-ramp’ tones, to getting an infinite regen/freeze sound to fill an expansive space.

The Modulation control on Discovery allows you to capture the warble and flutter of a vintage analog delay, as well as give you the ability to get a modern space-aged chorus, all the way to classic Leslie-style speed shifts. You can even change the waveform of your modulation from triangle, sine and square waves.

Expand With MIDI
The Discovery has full MIDI capabilities from things as simple as switching between your saved presets, to fitting into a complex live MIDI set-up where you need full control of every parameter.

Discovery has 5-pin in and out/thru can even send Program Changes (PCs) to your other pedals that accept MIDI. Whether you have a MIDI controller or you are switching with you DAW in your studio, the Discovery is the most simple solution in any situation.

All-new revolutionary design
Engineered on four re-issued versions of the renowned MN3005 bucket-brigade analog-delay chips
127 programmable presets
Delay times of 40ms-1100ms, expandable to 17ms-2000ms & beyond with up/down & division buttons
Subdivisions include quarter, dotted-eighth, eighth note triplet, eighth note and sixteenth note
7-segment display for BPM, milliseconds or preset number
Classic analog delay warmth with the control to make it your own
Studio quality tone & features
Built-in smart Tap-Tempo giving you the ability to nail the tempo
High & Lo Cut controls to shape the sound of your delay
Modulation with speed & depth controls
3 modulation waveforms to choose from: Triangle, Sine and Square
Fully programmable digital-control
Use in ANY set-up with MIDI In & Out/Thru
Every knob is mappable to an expression pedal
Custom expression pedal mapping, savable to each preset
Every parameter can be controlled by MIDI
Can be used to send patch changes to your other MIDI devices
Save all of your presets to a SysEx file for back-up or to share
Switchable true-bypass or buffered-bypass
Soft clipping limiter for infinite feedback and oscillations
Kill dry mode for parallel effects loops
Includes an 18V DC power supply
Assembled in the USA