Suhr Corso Amplifier Head - Confessional Grill



The Suhr Corso head with Confessional Grill is here!

We're pretty stoked about this little head!  It's a 5 watt head designed to be used in the studio as well as the home, and with it's unique bent wood design looks like something out of a 60's Eames furniture catalog.  That, my friend, is freakin' cool!  

It's all tube circuitry utilizes two 12AX7s and a 12AU7 for the preamp stage, and dual 12BH7 tubes for the power stage.  As many of you know, 5 watts of quality amplification can actually get loud, so Suhr has included an on-board attenuator for those whisper quite sessions or "bedroom level" jams.

The Corso also features considerable tonal flexibility for practically every guitar player.  From complex cleans to harmonically rich overdrive, the Suhr Corso does it!

Need an amp that's pedal friendly?  No worries here!  The Corso uses a low-gain preamp stage to accomodate your overdives, distortions, etc with ease.  This is important because some amps without a log-gain pre will clip and distort (even ever so slightly) and effect the original tone of the pedal being used. 

Equipped with unique a Line Out (post power section), the Corso is ready for the studio. The Corso’s Line Out offers the sound of the entire amplifier, not just the pre-amp section, so you can fully experience all of the Corso’s tone when you plug directly into your digital recording I/O interface for your next session. Should inspiration strike in the middle of the night, just turn the attenuator control fully counterclockwise and play without disturbing the neighbors, or your family.


Power:  5 Watts
Preamp Tubes:   2 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AU7
Power Tube:  2 x 12BH7
Controls:  Drive, Treble, Bass, Power (attenuator)
Switches: Bright, Mid-Boost, Gain-Boost, Presence, Deep
Outs:  Speaker Out, Line Level Out