Suhr SSH+ 50mm Bridge, SSV Neck Pickup Set, Black

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Suhr's SSH+ bridge pickups are their popular standard high-output pickups. Choose the SSH+ for a brighter and cutting sound. From warm and clear clean sounds to classic rock to high-energy jazz-rock fusion to 80's metal/shred to modern high-gain sounds, the SSH+ cover a broad musical base with musicality, punchy authority, and tone. Using highest grade hand-selected Alnico magnets and premium components, these pickups complement the characteristics of the woods in your guitar. 

The SSH+ pickups are available from Humbucker Music in black, zebra (black and cream) bobbins, as well as nickel covers 

50mm spacing
DC Resistance: 17K ohms, 4-conductor wire 

SSV Neck
If you need authentic vintage humbucker sounds, there is no need to look any further than Suhr's SSV humbucking pickups. Used by top pros who need to duplicate the great classic sounds of a bygone era, the SSV pickups have a broad sonic aperture with very little compression artifacts that afflict typical high-output pickups. The SSV has a bit more honk and snarl than the competitors. 30 years of research and development by John Suhr assure you the quality of experience and workmanship behind each one of their pickups.

50mm (all Suhr neck pickups are 50mm)
DC Resistance: 9K ohms for bridge position, 8K ohms for neck position, 4-conductor wire