Nash NGDP Fuzz/Overdrive Pedal - 67

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Nash Guitars NGDP Fuzz/Overdrive Pedal

Serial: NGDP-67

The NGDP is designed to be a vintage style Fuzz and Overdrive pedal. It was based on the Seamoon Fresh Fuzz, but with some modifications for increased versatility. Most notably an added tone control circuit.

The NGDP is a versatile and very responsive pedal. It is very sensitive to small adjustments of the control knobs, both on the pedal itself and adjustments on the amp. Each control directly effects the how the pedal performs and the application of the other controls. This means the pedal may take some time to dial in, but this also creates a very personalized tonal relationship between your board and amp, as well as adding to the versatility of the pedal's application.

Each pedal is handwired at Nash Guitars. There are no pre-printed circuit boards. These pedals will be built in units of 25 at a time and each batch will be a different color.


The Level Control (Left Knob) is a 50K audio taper potentiometer, and controls the overall output volume of the pedal.

The Tone Control (Middle Knob) is a 100K linear taper potentiometer and controls the frequency contour of the pedal. From warm and tweedy smooth, all the way to biting, in-your-face brightness, ideally suited for leads. Many players may find there to be a notch, or sweet spot on the tone control, from about 11:00-1:00 as a clock stands.

The Gain Control (Right Knob) is a 50K audio taper potentiometer and controls the amount of gain produced by the pedal. From just a little "Bark", to super saturated fuzz.