Mesa Boogie Tube Kit - Fillmore 100

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Humbucker Music

$ 332.00 


This is an upgraded Tube Kit designed to replace all of the tubes in your Mesa Boogie Fillmore 100 Amp. It includes the upgraded SPAX7 preamp tubes as opposed to the standard 12ax7's.

The Upgrade Kit includes:

4x Mesa Premium Matched 6L6 Tubes, STR-445
5x Mesa Premium SPAX7 Preamp Tubes (upgrade from standard 12ax7)

MESA SPAX7 preamp tubes are a low noise super-premium grade substitute for any 12AX7 positions - They are a "Special Requirement Preamp Tube" that possess an even higher standard of overall performance, due to their incredibly low sensitivity to microphonic noise - This is the ultimate preamp tube to use in all critical gain stage positions - It is the absolute best of the best!