Mesa Boogie Roadster Dual Rectifier Head, Tan Grill, DISCONTINUED


Mesa Boogie


This product has been discontinued


The Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadster Head is an all-tube thoroughbred that shares a class with only one other amplifier - and that position is held by its brother - the Road King. In fact, the Roadster is Road King without Progressive Linkage and other rear panel features that some players fear need a higher education to navigate. The Roadster now offers the plug-and-play minded guitarist a way to enjoy a myriad of footswitchable preamp choices without the power option anxiety. 

Channels 1 & 2 each offer 3 Mode choices - two of which are repeated for added flexibility when configuring your footswitching map. CLEAN and FAT modes appear in both Channels so you can set-up two very different Cleans or, clone your favorite sound and alter it slightly for clean or pushed soloing. From there, Channel 1 is home to the soulful mid gain voice of American Blues in TWEED, while Channel 2 crosses the Atlantic to crusade for classic English Rock sounds in the urgent mid gain BRIT mode.

Channels 3 & 4 contain all the high-gain glory of the iconic Dual Rectifier Solo Head. These time-tested, hit-making sounds appear in the entire Rectifier family of amplifiers and in the Roadster, they're duplicated in Channels 3 and 4. RAW covers the ground between where TWEED and BRIT top out and VINTAGE begins with smooth, purring warmth. VINTAGE takes it up a notch and sings with smoldering, liquid gain for single note solo work and then there's MODERN. This is the original crushing, tight high-gain Recto sound that changed guitar amplification forever.

Each of the four Channels has a corresponding Channel strip on the Rear Panel for controlling the REVERB, RECTIFICATION, POWER and the status of the EFFECTS LOOP. Here you can blend in the rich all-tube Reverb, choose between tight punchy Diode or vintage sagging Tube Rectification, switch your Power between the bold headroom of 100 watts or the bright bounce of 50 watts and dedicate the Effects Loop to the channels you need processing on. All these choices are channel specific making the Roadster an ultimate live rig. 

Series Effects Loop features a Hard Bypass that removes two tubes and all associated Loop Circuitry from the signal path including the SEND LEVEL, OUTPUT and SOLO controls plus the TUNER OUT for the shortest, most direct signal path. BIAS SELECT reconfigures the bias circuit and allows you to swap the stock compliment of 6L6's for a quartet of EL 34 type power tubes creating a brighter, Euro-style power character and classic Brit clipability 

External Switch Jacks provide the interface to control the Channels, LOOP, REVERB and SOLO via an external master switching system. Standard latching tip-to-ground logic triggers the Roadster's channels and features and lets you build one-button programs from your master switcher that control your amp and processing. TUNER OUT JACK provides a silent tuning feature for live applications when the Footcontroller is connected.