Lollar Strat Dirty Blonde Pickup Set, Black

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$ 315.00 


The Lollar Strat Dirty Blonde pickups are some of the most in demand stratocaster style pickups we sell here at Humbucker Music. They offer a bright, yet smooth tone with a clean attack. The medium low output sounds glassy and spanky, yet round and full when played softly. Increase your pick attack to make the treble leap forward in the mix. The Lollar Strat Dirty Blondes includes the Strat Special Bridge pickup for a hotter tone which works especially well with overdrive pedals.


Alnico 2 flat poles
Scattered wound wax potted coils
Vintage style cloth covered lead wire.
Middle pickup is RWRP for humbucking operation in positions 2 and 4.

Neck 5.6K, middle 5.8K, and bridge 7.6K.