Lollar P-90 Staple Neck Pickup, Black

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$ 155.00 


The tonal character of the Lollar P-90 Staple Neck Pickup hits the sweet spot between the Fender sound of Alnico Pole P-90s and the grit of traditional steel pole P-90s giving you plenty of grind, clarity and overall punch. Based on an original 1950s staple pickup, the Lollar Staple P-90 features hand-beveled rectangular Alnico bar magnets as non-adjustable pole pieces. The bridge version is wound to match the volume of the neck pickup and to provide more tonal consistency when switching between the two. Uses 42-gauge wire and braided shield lead wire. It can be installed using typical mounting screws and springs and does not require instrument modification.

DC: Neck 8.9K / Bridge 13.1K