Lollar F-Spaced Imperial Humbucker Pickup, Low Wind, Bridge, Nickel

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Lollar Imperial F-Spaced Humbucker Pickup, Low Wind, Bridge, Nickel

The F-Spaced Imperial features the same specs as the Imperial Humbucker but with wider pole spacing to accommodate the Fender bridge position or guitars equipped with a whammy bar. (Pole spacing is 2-1/16" center-to-center of the two outside poles)

The Lollar Low Wind Imperial Pickups are based on the lower output PAFs often found in vintage 335s. This pickup boasts a brighter overall tone compared with the standard Lollar Imperial. This results in exceptional definition and great presence for cutting through the mix. You'll notice that the bottom strings hold together much longer without distorting than most humbuckers. The low wind is ideal for the occasional Les Paul that sounds dark, or for guitars with darker tones in general. This pickup is also a good match for amps that are heavy in the mid-range. Made with Alnico 2 magnets in the neck and Alnico 5 magnets in the bridge that are degaussed to specific levels unique to the neck and bridge positions.

 DC: Neck 7.0K, Bridge 7.9K