Dr. Z Z-Verb Tube Handwired Reverb, Black, Salt Pepper Grille

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Dr. Z

$ 1,199.00 

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It's time to grab the surfboards ladies and gents because the Z Verb is bringing a swell like no other!

This classic 3 knob reverb tank is sure to meet all of your needs. With reverb ranging from a subtle ambient feel all the way to complete spaced out, washed over reverb! With Dwell, Mix, and Tone knobs you have total control of all of the parameters of your Z verb.. and there is even a footswitch so you can turn it on and off.

The Z Verb is right at home with other amps as well! And whether you're running it through the effects loop or front of the amp the Z Verb is sure to deliver one of the best tube driven spring reverb sounds you have ever heard!

Z-Verb Specifications:

Output Tubes: 1 - 6V6
Preamp Tubes: 1 - 12AX7, 1 - 12AT7
Rectifier: Solid State
Controls: Dwell , Mix , Tone
Configuration:  Head Only
Dimensions and Weight: 17.5" W, 9" H, 9.5" D; 18 lbs.