Gift Ideas for a Guitar Player

At the time this article is being written the Christmas season is quickly approaching and things are really hopping. This time of year a very common conversation we find ourselves engaged in here at the store is with bewildered love ones of guitar players trying to figure the perfect gift. Honestly, this is a quite common discussion year round. Let's face it, as guitar players we're hard to buy for. There are a number of reasons for this and furthermore it's so different for each player. It's often a very daunting task to figure out just the right gift for a player. With that in mind we all put our heads together and we think we have come up with a pretty good list of items that every guitar player can use. We hope this makes the choice a little easier and as always we are always just a phone call away if you need further suggestions.
Great Gift Ideas for Picky Guitarist

Gift Certificates

One thing we can tell you for sure about guitarist is that they are a detail oriented bunch. They are guys that sweat the small things, and honestly we could not respect them more for that. The problem is that makes them quite difficult to shop for. They know exactly what they want and typically have a very specific reason for making a specific decision. In many cases it's better just to let them do their thing and only jump in when asked, trust us we know this first hand :). A lot of times a gift certificate is the best choice for the discerning player as it allows them get exactly what they want, and also do it on their own schedule. We find for a lot of players they enjoy the research part of the purchase just as much as the purchase itself. Remember, it is all about the details :).

When in doubt, go with a gift certificate. It may seem impersonal, but most players will appreciate the gesture and they will be glad to use it on the exact item that the want.

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Quality Guitar Cables
Most guitar players amass large collections of guitars and amps over time and are always eager to add to their collection. Every one of us here at the store are players ourselves and we're definitely not immune to the occasional or more than occasional GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome).  One place we notice players often neglect to give the right amount of attention to in their rigs are their cables. They will buy the best guitar and the best amp, however they're still using a cheap, and often faulty cable. When you think about it, it's a surefire way not to get the most out of your purchases. The only link between the guitar and the amp is the guitar cable. A well designed, high quality cable is crucial for getting the most out of your rig. A bad cable is a bottleneck in any rig and as many players know they tend to fail at exactly the wrong time.  From a sound standpoint, players are often stunned at the difference a good cable can make when it comes to tone. There are several companies that have brought a very technology driven approach to guitar cable manufacturing.  For some, it is the only thing that they do. Through the use of quality materials as well as unique construction techniques, they're able to produce cables that maximize the performance of the guitar and amp as well as minimize unwanted noise. 

By far, a good quality cable is the cheapest way to dramatically improve your tone. For those looking for a relatively cheap gift for your favorite guitarist, it is something that you can rest assured most players can use in some form or fashion. 

Quality Guitar Cables at Humbucker Music

Vacuum Tubes

We have said it many times before, and honestly we have built a business around the belief that at the heart of every great amp is beautifully glowing bank of vacuum tubes. There just is no shortcut, if you want want great tone a tube amp is the only way.  With that being said, in order to keep a tube amp sounding it's best it is very important to change the tubes out regularly. Over time the performance of most tubes tends to diminish and the tone of the amp definitely suffers. The problem is that this usually happens at such a gradual rate that most players, even the really astute ones don't tend to notice. It often is not until they change their tubes out that they realize how good their amp can sound with a good set of tubes. 

Each type of tube is going to have a different "lifespan", and there are many factors that will affect how long a tube will last. Here are a few to consider:

1) How often the amp is played. 

2) How loud an amp is played.

3) The design of the amp. 

4) The quality of the tube

Often guitarists wait until a tube fails to replace it, unfortunately most of the time there are not a lot of warnings that a tube is about to fail. Not only is a good idea to have a backup set of tubes just in case, it is not a bad idea to follow a schedule in terms of changing your tubes. This will ensure that you always have a good set in use and your amp will sound your best. 

In general here is the life span of each type of tube under normal conditions of play:

Power Tubes - 6 -18 months

Preamp - 1- 2 years

Rectifier - Have a backup! It is almost impossible to predict the lifespan of a rectifier tube. Unfortunately, they either work or the don't. It is crucial to have a backup, when a rectifier tube goes out the amp will produce no sound at all.

We are always here to help if you need further assistance figuring out what type of tube your amp uses.

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Amp Covers

As with anything expensive that you buy, it is always important to protect your investment. Not only does it help maintain the value of purchase, but it also helps lengthen the service life of the item. Slip covers for amplifiers though simple in their design often help keep an amp in close to new condition for a quite long period of time.  One advantage they have over a road case, in addition to price is also the fact that they do not contribute much weight or additional size to the amp. Any musician on the go will definitely appreciate that. We carry quite a few fine quality covers that are made to the exact dimensions of some of the more popular amps that we sell. These make a great gift and are a "no brainer" for someone with a nice amp.

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Tee Shirts

This one kind of speaks for itself. We all know musicians, there are probably several shirts that they have in rotation that are due for retirement :).  A new awesome tee shirt is always a welcome addition to the collection. These are great gifts for just about everyone and we are always adding to our selection. Definitely always a popular choice.

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