Victoria Amplifier Golden Melody 2x12 Combo, Half Power Switch

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The Victoria Golden Melody is quite a work of art! 

It features several primary attributes from some of the greatest Fender amps ever created. In fact, a pair of them recently found their way onto the stage setup for Joe Bonamassa.  Everyone knows how particular he is about his tone, so that alone should speak volumes.

The premise behind the Golden Melody is pretty interesting...  Get this:  Mark took the preamp stage (including the tonestack) from a Tweed Bassman, the massively lush reverb from a Super Reverb, the Vibrato circuit from a tan Concert, and the power stage from a 50 watt "low-power" twin, and combined them all into this single masterpiece.  As a store that specializes in boutique amps, we here at Humbucker Music are quite proud of this one!  Nice work, Mark.  Well played! (pun intended)

The Golden Melody comes as a 2x12 combo running GZ34/5U4 rectified power into 2 x 6L6's for 50 watts of output.  It features the same all-tube driven true 'harmonic vari-tone' vibrato & all-tube reverb found in Victoria's much loved Reverberato unit.

What is "harmonic vari-tone", you ask?  Well, it's far superior to a simple pulsing tremolo effect.  It's actually a harmonic filtering modulator that separates the high and low frequencies.  It's then turns the oscillating highs 180 degrees out of phase before remixing the wet signal with the dry. No less than two and a half preamp tubes are required to produce this marvel of analog wizardry. The result is a wonderful tube driven tremolo/vibrato that's as sonically beautiful as anything out there.


Output:  50 Watts, Includes Half Power Switch
Circuit Design:  Fixed Bias A/B Push/Pull Operation
Tubes: 1-5AR4, 2-6L6GC, 5-12AX7, 1-12AT7
Vibrato: All Tube Harmonic Filter Vibrato
Reverb: All Tube with Transformer Coupled Reverb Tank
Speakers:  2 x WGS BritLead 12" 
Color: Two-Tone Alligator/Brown Tolex
Size: 20.5" x 26.5" x 10.5"
Weight: 61 lbs.

The Victoria Golden Melody is available for sale here at Humbucker Music!