The Two-Rock Traditional Clean fills the void of a simple, huge, and clean pedal platform designed to bring all of their products up to the same standards that Two-Rock has set with the “big iron” Classic Reverb Signature and TS1 amps.  This amp has evolved over the years from the John Mayer Signature, to the scaled back Crystal, to the no-longer-scaled-back Traditional Clean. This style of amp has always been extremely popular for Two-Rock so, they figured they would further evolve this circuit. The latest changes to the Traditional Clean (from the Crystal) include power scaling, tone stack toggle switches, a newly designed chassis, a new transformer, and a newly designed reverb circuit. 

The new Two-Rock proprietary transformer allows you to change the amps wattage from either 4 x 6L6 (switchable from 100/50 watts) or 4x 6V6 (switchable from 40/20 watts) without having any impedance issues or sacrificing any of the feel or tone. As mentioned earlier, they also have added the tone stack toggle switches for added boost on the EQ and will feature their updated aluminum chassis with choice part selections.