Mesa Boogie John Petrucci JP-2CThe new Mesa Boogie John Petrucci JP-2C takes their legendary II-C+ MARK series platform beyond anything before it.

Inspired by their long standing relationship with John Petrucci and more than 30 years of collaboration, Mesa Boogie is proud to introduce a MESA first; The JP-2C. Their first unlimited-build Signature Amplifier.

JP-2C LIMITED EDITION HEAD: A special introductory offer of limited run, custom finished JP-2C Heads, autographed by John Petrucci and Randall Smith, featuring the following upgrades:

  • Private Reserve Flame Maple Front Panel
    Custom Oxblood Stained Front Panel
    Mother of Pearl "BOOGIE" and "John Petrucci Signature" Inlay
    Custom Gun Metal Gray Anodized Amp Bezel
    Limited Edition Certification Plate
    Personally Autographed by John Petrucci & Randall Smith