Dr. Z Z-Wreck Jr

The little brother to the venerable Z-Wreck, the Z-Wreck Jr sports a stout 15 watt power section as opposed to the 30 watt output of the Z-Wreck. In addition, the Z-Wreck Jr also features a highly effective post-phase inverter Master Volume to easier tame stage volume.

Just like the venerable Z-Wreck, the Z Wreck Jr. is constructed using all the quality of components and workmanship found in all Dr. Z amps, using the exact same turret board construction and aircraft grade aluminum chassis of the original. The same Tung Sol preamp tubes and NOS Russian military grade 6n14n power tubes, as prescribed by Ken Fischer and true to the Trainwreck DNA. A 5Y3 rectifier tube controls the touch sensitivity and blooming response of the amp by reproducing the plate voltages found at the "comfort" setting in the original Z Wreck, making for a truly addicting playing experience.
  • Dr. Z Z-Wreck Jr 1x12 Combo Amp
    Dr. Z Z-Wreck Jr 1x12 Combo Amp
    Dr. Z Z-Wreck Jr 1x12 Combo Amp
    $ 2,499.00