The all new Bad Cat Cub III series represent one of the best values in high-end, handwired amps. The Cub III starts you off in familiar territory with a very straight forward set of controls, and familiar EL84 chime. The Cub III then takes a turn in a more innovative direction. The first switch on the Cub III allows you to change the preamp input stage from 12AX7 based to EF86 based.

After the very flexible tone stages, the signal is then fed to the power amp through Bad Cat's new proprietary "K Master" Circuit. The K Master separates the Preamp and Poweramp sections; letting you take full advantage of your amps power section without clipping your preamp. We all know how great power tube breakup is, and how different it is from preamp tube breakup. Now you can make use of the full wattage of your power section, and you preamp can remain nice, full, and clean. 

Filter Cub III's: 15 Watt, 15 Watt Reverb, 30 Watt, 30 Watt Reverb, 40 Watt, 40 Watt Reverb, All