Vintage Sound Vintage 35SC

          Vintage Sound 35SC

     The tone that comes from a big bottle tube amp is unmistakable. It's full, loud and can dish out the goods at just about anywhere that you take it. The downside to all of this gloriousness, is the typical size and weight. If you've ever hoisted a Twin or Super Reverb onto a stage, you know what I mean. Well now you can finally get the real deal tone of a 6L6 American voiced amp in a Princeton size cab. You may be thinking to yourself "That'll never work or sound good." Well if so, you're so wrong. It's all in the ingredients. Sure, sometimes, just because you can do something, doesn't mean that you should. And for most folks, they shouldn't even try, but for Rick at Vintage Sound Amps, he has truly delivered vintage blackface 6L6 tones at under 40 lbs and here's how.

     To start, a Vintage Sound amp, is housed in a lightweight dovetailed pine cab. I always feel like that gives the amp a sense of unity. As in the cab resonates with the speaker and baffle. Everything moves together on the cab while you're playing. (Not rattles) Some other cabs are so stiff that they lack character. Sometimes it is because they're built for higher wattage and more speakers, sometimes they're just firmer. Either way, these cabs are always sterile until you have an enormous amount of volume pushing through them. The Vintage Sound cabs are simply measured to have the correct amount of mojo/ingredients to go along with the amp inside. So what we're working with is a pine cab at a Princeton size and a 12" speaker. All that's left is getting the chassis in it.  

     That's an area where the 35SC really excels. By removing the Normal channel, it not only removes internal resistance, but also means much less components on the inside. You're dynamics drastically improve with noticeable sensitivity to your right hand technique. Just like the 22SC, it comes with a wonderful Dwell control for the tube driven reverb, and the Tremolo circuit is bypassed in the circuit by simply turning it to zero. These aren't necessarily modern appointments, but definitely improvements that should've been naturally applied over time.

     Need clean headroom? It's here. Need something to tote around to a rehearsal or gig? It's here. Is it boxy or small sounding? Most definitely not! This is point to point, hand wired, made in the USA, band worthy tone that you can get for under $1800.00!!

-  Jeremy Walley
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