Dr. Z Z-Wreck Combo Amp

     Dr. Z Z-Wreck Combo
    The Z-Wreck Combo from Dr. Z is absolutely in a class of its own. In today's saturated market of EL-84 based amps, the 30 watt Z-Wreck is ahead of its competition in every way. While that's true for both the head and combo, today in particular, I'm talking about the combo version of the amp. There are some factors at play with the combo that aren't a factor in the head version. A little more so than the typical head/cab to combo comparisons.
   The main aspect that I want to cover today is the cabinet construction methods and how they pertain to the voicing of this particular amp. First, a large contributing factor of the overall sound is going to be the 1/2' Birch cab and a 1/2" floating baffle. This build style is more commonly used in the construction of American Tweed style amps, not usually British voiced amps. The baffle and the cab construction attribute a lot of this amplifiers sound. This amp needs to have all of it's knobs past noon to unlock the magic inside. The volume that you use to get the cab resonating is substantial but is so important to the lively tone of the amp. With that being said, this is not an apartment or bedroom amp. This amp was designed to be one of Brad Paisley's stage amps, so think about that for a second.....
    Where most guitar amp chassis' are mounted to the sides of the cab, drawing inward and causing stiffness laterally, the Z-Wreck Combo once again steps in and changes this by bolting the amp chassis to the rear valance of the amp. This transfers more sound/vibration to the Birch and will allow the cab to breath in tune, versus any section of it being drawn tight and stiff from a chassis mount.

   By now, I hope that you're seeing what may seem like small sonic factors, are actually huge in the overall sound. Add to that the point to point wiring, forward facing top loaded control panel and an incredible Celestion Gold AlNiCo speaker, and you're carrying one of the worlds finest guitar amps with plenty of power on tap for any situation.
- Jeremy Walley  
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  • Mark Tyson - June 26, 2017

    Bravo Jeremy!! I agree 100% and have been shouting this a few years now.
    Keep up the great work!~