The Swart Atomic Jr (once known as the Atom) is one of the newest creations from Michael Swart that builds on the ever popular ST-6V6se line. Essentially, it's the 6V6SE with reverb. But don't think for a second we are going to stop there with the description.

The quality of this reverb mandates we speak a bit more of it. Swart didn't just copy some popular reverb circuit from another amp, he worked on this reverb for over a year. It's a triode based reverb stage utilizing a 12DW7 fed into a spring tank for astoundingly HUGE REVERB. While the tone of this little beast (and by little, we mean only 14 lbs) is quite serious, we find it at times humorous to play because of the amount of thick, lush, reverb that comes from this tiny box. It actually makes us chuckle (or LOL for you younger crowd). From the small stature it would be easy to assume a boxy tone with similar reverb, but take our word for it. You'd be wrong.